Sample Lesson Plans

Grade 9, Differentiated Lesson on Finding the Main Idea of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 130"

Lesson 1 (Intro to Romeo and Juliet Unit): Main Idea of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 130"

Grade 10 Honors, Literature Unit on Reading Night through Trauma Studies for MCAS Long Composition 

Lesson 2 (Finding Evidence to Support a Claim): Finding Evidence in Night

Lesson 4 (Evidence and Analysis): Finding Evidence: Traumatic Memory in Literature of Genocide

Grade 11, Literature Unit on Understanding the Theme of the American Dream

Lesson 2 (Understanding Theme Development): Theme through Literary Devices in Poetry and Lyrics

Lesson 4 (Understanding Vocabulary): Beginning The Great Gatsby

Grade 12 Honors, Literature Unit on Reading Macbeth through a Feminist Perspective 

Lesson 6 (Using Evidence to Support a Claim): Analysis in Writing: Writing about Feminism in Macbeth

Lesson 11 (Peer Review): Writing about Macbeth: Giving and Receiving Feedback